Why Your Best Vape

Depends on Flavor & Taste


Every e-juice has its unique flavor profile or even combination of flavor profiles. You may love creamy flavors but hate fruity flavors and thus fruity and creamy flavors may not be for you.


No two e-juice flavors are the same. You can take two fruity flavors side by side and get a different tasting experience. That’s why we created the taste portion, to give you the most unique and personalized experience.

Tasting an e-juice combines your flavor & taste profile:

When you taste foods or drinks outside of vaping, you use both your nose (for flavors) and your tongue (for taste)… and vaping is no different.

That’s why when you vape an e-juice that has the perfect combination of these two elements, it becomes truly Happe…

So fill out your Flavor and Taste profile by clicking button below, and allow us to bring you Happejuice: