Dear Vape Fam:

Vas Blagodarskiy here, Co-Founder of Happ-E-Juice, sending you an important announcement on behalf of myself and Shiv Patel.

(No, this post isn’t about dry ice bombs… sorry! LOL)

As February comes to a close, and as we sit back to enjoy the weekend, we want to show you something new & exciting that we’re playing around with.

It’s our ‘New & Improved’ Flavor & Taste Profile! We may be switching over to this new sleek survey software, but we’re not sure if you’re going to love it or not. So why don’t you be the judge?



It’s the same old questions, but in a new, secure interface which we hope you will find easier & simpler.

Now, there’s no scrolling required. Questions appear one at a time, so it’s harder to get confused, if that makes sense. We hope you like it.

But if you DON’T…

You need to tell us!!!


Without your support, our curation service won’t thrive, so we need your help!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Click the link to see the new Flavor & Taste Profile:

2. You do NOT have to fill it out if you already filled one out, but we welcome you to complete it, so you can feel the new Happ-E-Juice experience.

3. When you’re done, please leave a comment on this post regarding how you liked it! We just made a new post about this possible change. Your opinion is very
valuable to us.

Thanks in advance!

Vas Blagodarskiy & Shiv Patel.