Perfect Mod and Tank ComboHello curious vaper!

I’m here to present to you, a step by step guide to choosing the PERFECT mod and tank combo, so you can be a smart consumer, and get exactly what you want, BEFORE you shop.

Unless you like wasting money….

…but you don’t wanna do that, do you?

Tanks, mods, sub ohm, temp control, there are so many choices, how do you even pick? UGH!

  1. You can start here. Do your research before you shop! Google the setup you are considering. Check out the ECF forums and reddit. Many questions that you have about ecigarettes have already been answered there. Watch a few Youtube videos about current popular mods. Check out popular Youtube reviewers such as Indoor Smokers, Mike Vapes, and PBusardo. I could go on, there are so many reviewers out there and the vape community can be an extremely helpful resource to vapers looking for help with their ecigarettes.
  1. Next, decide a few things. What do you want from your battery? Long life, lots of power? How much time do you want to put into maintenance? To fill or to drip? To stay or to go? The answer to all these questions will help you choose the right battery and tank combo. This can get tricky unless you know your basic facts on electricity. Do you want high mAh for longer battery life? Are you going super sub ohm, but with a ohm resistance below 0.2 ohm for those huge clouds, and will therefore need a battery with 75 watts or higher? Or will a cheaper with 50W unit with micro USB charger and a sub ohm 0.5 resistance tank fulfill your needs and save some maintenance and some dough? Knowing about how electricity (or, more importantly, having prior experience with electronic devices) will come in handy.Consider this: mods with removable 18650 batteries require more maintenance, a separate charger, and proper storage of spares. Are you willing to do the extra work to maintain the unit? Are you traveling with the unit? Do you need it to be small and somewhat stealthy, or it is going to be safe at home on your desk? Some vapers like to drip on RDAs every few puffs and rebuild the coils once a week. Other vapers want the convenience of a tank and a pre-built coil head. Vaper, know thyself and the right battery will come to you.
  1. The easiest route for the perfect tank/mod combo: Just get a kit! If you don’t know what you’re doing, a starter kit will be your perfect solution, as it will come with everything you need from the outset. Something like the eGo One kit comes with tank, coil, battery, and charger. With an ecigarette kit, all you need is to add juice and go! You know that the parts will all work together because they are the same kit! Many of the newest ecigs are sold as kits such as the Evic V/T Kit with eGo One Mega Atomizer, or the Eleaf iStick 60W TC Mod Kit with Melo 2.Companies love to roll out new technology as full kits, where the tank and the mod are designed to complement each other. You benefit by getting the hottest ecig kit without having to sort out whether the pieces work together. Until you understand the electronic cigarette a little bit, a pre-fab kit might be your best option!

Ok, you don’t want a kit because you already had one, or you simply want something more “custom built” than that. Great! That means you’re going to want to build your own kit. No harm in doing so, as long as you build a kit out of compatible parts. So that still leaves the problem of how to choose. To help you choose, there a few things you should know:

  1. Know your Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law is Amps = Volts / Resistance. Google “Ohm’s Law and Battery Safety”. This is important to understand so you choose a coil that doesn’t overwhelm the capacity of your battery and cause it to fail. “Unregulated” in the phrase “unregulated mod” means you have to regulate it. Ohm’s Law is how you do so. When choosing a battery, make sure the amps measurement of your battery is rated for the voltage you are using and the resistance of your coil.
  1. Know your connection. Does the tank have a 510 pin? Then the battery will have to have a 510 pin connection to fit with the tank. If the tank has an eGo connector, you may have to pick up an adapter.
  1. Know your coil and your resistance. Certain batteries won’t fire coils that are too low of an ohm resistance. To go sub ohm (below 1 ohm resistance) you will need at least 25 watts of power on your battery. The temp control mods require special coils like nickel and titanium to work properly. Know your coil to know your battery.
  1. Know how you vape. Frequent vapers should take battery life into consideration. They may also want to consider a mod that they are comfortable traveling with. Some folks want a smaller mod that travels well, others sare ok with bigger mods because of the increased mAh that they give.
  1. Know your budget. Just because you want an ecig doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. A high quality mod/tank setup can be had for as low as $80-$100. Just because something is the most expensive, doesn’t mean that it is the “best,” so don’t assume that a $250 setup MUST outperform a more affordable one. And do you really need all those watts? Maybe you do. And if you do, perfect! But don’t feel pressure to spend more than you are comfortable with just to have a “quality” ecig.

And that’s it! Once you have considered the above steps, you are now informed enough to make a great choice in your local vape shop.

Look for vape shops that take pride in customer service, buyer education, and vape advocacy. These traits in a brick and mortar (or online) vape shop show you that vaping is important to them and that they want to keep the customer happy.

When you go the vape shop, an employee will be ready there to assist you in your search and ensure that the kit you decide on will be the perfect fit.

And ask them about Ohm’s Law. If they know what they’re talking about – and you will know if this is the case because you now know Ohm’s Law yourself – then you can feel greater confidence in buying from them. Vape shops are a dime a dozen these days, and it all boils down to integrity. So the more you know in advance, the better off you will be! Just like you are now, since you read this blog post.

Hey, high five! You’re awesome!