Can you relate?

I started vaping because I wanted to quit cigarettes. At first, I got a simple evod vape (the pen-style one that went from 3.6v to 4.2v). Today, my vape gear has grown to be more sophisticated (read: customized) because I am a sucker for personalization and muffin flavored e-juice. I feel like every vaper has their own unique story of how they got to where they are now. More or less, we all walk a similar path.

I made sure to get what I thought was ‘the good stuff’ because I had YouTube and Reddit at my disposal. People like Indoor Smokers, Rip Trippers, PBusardo and others gave me insight into a world I did not know anything about. I found like-minded people at /r/vaping as well. Fraternal camaraderie and advice like this normally costs you time and money.

(Ever been burned by tips from an unhelpful vape shop before?)

Using YouTube and Reddit, I felt that I got what was perfect for me at the time. I guess you can say I was focused mainly on hardware. Little did I know, that the hardware would lead me into the world of flavor that we all now live in.

At the time that I was just getting into vaping, a storm was brewing that I would soon learn to love.

Sub Ohm Vaping.

I had been introduced to mods and RDAs but the risk of error on my part was too large for me to participate. I had known nothing about ohms law and battery safety. But those clouds…I had to produce those clouds that I saw on youtube videos and Instagram.

At first, I thought:

  • “This shit is too hard.”
  • “I’m not a nerd.”
  • “I just want to fill up a tank and go.”

I made every excuse under the sky.

Eventually, fueled by my curiosity and desire to get more out of vaping, I buckled down and learned.

I learned as much as I could about ohms law and building and battery safety. Once I knew enough, I got my first mod and RDA, a Tugboat. And BOOM. I was producing my own clouds. I was so happy to quit cigarettes and produce clouds that I was in a state of euphoria for weeks.

Even though I was incredibly happy, I was about to get happier. At this time I was vaping on “cheap” juices from places like Mt. Baker Vapor, my local Vape shop and a non-premium online vape website; so my bar for quality of juice was very very low.

Innocent me decides to check out a vape shop that is further out of town. Lucky for me, they had the best selection of juices in town, which I didn’t come to discover until many months later. That one visit to the vape shop opened up a pandora’s box of sensation inside me. They even had a bar where I can drip to taste test these various flavors! The moment that dew of liquid amazingness hit my cotton, it was all over for me. I could no longer go back to what my life was a few moments before that event.

No Turning Back Now.

No more pens and tanks with no airflow, no more low quality non-premium juices. This was it. The only other experience that I can compare this to is trying farm-fresh strawberries, plucked straight off the field, after you’ve been eating store-bought greenhouse-grown strawberries your whole life.

I hit the holy grail of the vaping world. I wasn’t hesitant at all to spend 70$ on 5 bottles of premium eliquid that day. And of course all 5 bottles were gone by the end of the week.

This is when life got complicated. Now that I was in this world of amazing juice, I wanted to find the one perfect for me. This is where I found it difficult. My problem was; I was only limited to what I could try at my local vape shops, or else I’d have to take a risk to buy online and potentially not like it. I honestly wanted to give up that hope and dream of finding my perfect ADV and stick to what I knew and my routine purchases at my local vape shop.

What To Do?

This was the struggle for quite a while, until I learned about subscription box services. The convenience was very apparent. I could go onto their website, fill out my flavor and taste profile, purchase my subscription, and then my box of 3 eliquids based on my flavor preferences will be at my doorstep. This was an obvious choice for me. Here I was giving up on finding my ‘all day vape’ flavor, when I can pay these people to do it for me. Heck, If I don’t like what they send me one month, I might like all three of the juices in my next month.

Side note: I also get colorful socks delivered to my house every month, but that’s a topic worthy of a whole another blog post 😉

That’s the best part about subscription box services. They constantly have new juices on hand (Or atleast the good subscription box services do). I’m basically paying people to go out and find me my perfect ADV and I don’t care how long it takes. Because I know deep down, that when I get that perfect ADV, I will stay happy forever. If I could have gone with a premium e-liquid subscription box service from the beginning, I would have in a heartbeat.

Did You Relate?

I’m sure many of you can relate to my story. And for both of us, the story doesn’t end here. This innovation comes a time of rapid self-discovery, and progress but also responsibility, and action. We are fighting a two-front war to stop the harsh and restrictive regulations of the government. Their restrictions will effectively stop our search for the holy grail (our perfect ADV) and restrict us to what is already in existence. Here’s to a new year and a wonderful one at that. Cheers to us finding our holy grail, each and every one of us.