Happ-E-Juice officially launches the affiliate program. It’s made possible by ClickSure.

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You can now earn $10 for every referral that you send to our $30/mo 45mL subscription service (3 bottles of 15mL, in your nic level). Or, you can earn $20 for every referral that you send to our $60/mo 90mL subscription service (6 bottles of 15mL, in your nic level).

Jordan Fielding of ClickSure was extremely helpful in this major endeavor. We seek to attract over 100 affiliates to promote our offer in the next 30 days. ClickSure is an affiliate network that facilitates Cost-Per-Action marketing campaigns and allows businesses like ours find new customers.

Shiv Patel, co-owner, had this to say about this exciting new development:

We are¬†the first ever vaping-related offer on this marketplace. We’re poised to dominate the affiliate space, because we receive much love on Instagram, and because we have a proven business concept.

By attracting 1,000 new customers per month, we plan to grow steadily while expanding our flavor curation lineup.

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