Cereal Flavored E-LiquidsHave you ever smelled something, somewhere that has triggered a memory or a remembrance within you?

It is peculiarly astounding how our senses connect through our nervous systems and into our brains.

It’s even more astounding that some specific smells or tastes are linked to certain specific memories that often become brought up upon smelling or tasting a specific memory triggering agent.

This brings up an interesting phenomena in the E-Juice and Vaping community. Each person, unique in every way, has their own unique memories and certain memory triggering agents that evoke them. With the evolution of the entire E-Liquid market into an ‘artisan’ and ‘gourmet’ level of mastery, we see that nostalgia has now become a “side effect” of vaping.

The galore of complex e-juice flavors and their components provide our brains a wide array of opportunity to trigger memories attached to them. There are many juice companies out there that have perfected recipes that taste exactly like many well-known and lavished foods. Remember Saturday morning cartoons with that big bowl of cereal?

Well, MANY E-Liquid artisans have perfected most, if not all, of your favorite breakfast cereals (except corn flakes, but who likes corn flakes? Not expecting an answer because you probably don’t exist). If you ever get the chance to vape a delicious Breakfast Cereal e-liquid, tell me you weren’t taken back to those Saturday mornings as a kid; when life was easy and carefree and you didn’t have to pay bills. And if that doesn’t apply to you, then maybe you were the one pouring that bowl of cereal (and you probably poured yourself one too).

Here’s where it gets fun (Hooray for Science!)

Cinna Cream DreamVas and I are very diligent when it comes to looking for E-liquid companies and thoroughly testing each of their e-juice flavors to ensure our Happ-E-Juice™ customers only get the best, because we feel they deserve only the best. We often start trying a juice by tasting it for the first time without reading or knowing it’s flavor profile. That way we can really play around with perception and make sure we aren’t getting set up with words to somehow subconsciously dictate our opinions.

We were looking at Cinna Cream Dream by Holy Cow E-Juice. Mind the moment, prior to Vas coming over, I had already tried it but I made sure not to look at the flavor profile card to keep intact the mystery.

I told Vas to try the sample out of my vaping setup (Sigelei 150w with White Mutation V4 and dual twisted 26g coils). And then I asked him what the taste reminded him of to see if we can figure out it’s flavor and also challenge
our taste and smell senses. It took a few clouds for him to fully visualize it but shortly after letting out a nice dense cloud he says it tastes like,

“A bowl of cinnamon toast crunch…but that’s not all….it has something else. It’s like a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch glazed with the icing from Pizza Hut’s cinnamon sticks.”

I was shocked by the answer at first but I soon realized the phenomena that had just occurred. He must of had a memory triggered by a flavor agent that was rooted with the taste of the icing from Pizza Hut and the bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. These two independent memories were then re-interpreted together to give him a mental vision, and an attached memory, to help him determine what this particular E-liquid’s flavor is; all because of the memory triggering flavor agents in the e-juice.

I’m sure this is happening to, and being noticed by, many vapers, especially as this E-liquid market continues to innovate, evolve and further create ephemeral delicacies.

Cinnamon RollsOn a side note; When tasting Cinna Cream Dream myself, I visualized a half-melted cinnamon roll. It triggered a memory of a time I tried to eat a Cinnabon cinnamon roll after it spent an entire night in the refrigerator. So, of course, like most 17 year olds like me at the time would do, I nuked it in the microwave and did something slightly more entertaining for 45 seconds. And of course that was 15 seconds too long. So it came out looking deflated, but it still tasted and smelled wonderful, so still successfully lazy Sunday morning.

I wonder what memories some other person will have from this e-liquid flavor, or any e-liquid flavors for the matter. This unique phenomena of taste and smell recognition from the memory, being evoked by a memory triggering agent (flavors, tastes, smells, aromas, scents), is one to pay attention to, and possibly look into further. Vaping artisan, gourmet, and masterfully crafted E-liquid could potentially be opening doors to understand better the brain and it’s hidden, unforeseen capability, and also the mind and it’s visionary metaphysical qualities. Both of which we, as a society and species as a whole,  know very little about, and are partly considered in the realm of the un-known. 

So let’s change that.

It’s always nice to stop and smell the roses, but now it may even be more worth your time to stop and truly taste your vape. Who knows? The nostalgia of memories could take you to places beyond gratitude.

We really want to know about any nostalgic experiences you have had while tasting a particular e-liquid. We are sure that there may be moving and touching stories around this phenomena and we would like to hear your story.

Please e-mail hi@happejuicevape.com and tell us your nostalgic stories of memories triggered by an certain e-liquid flavor. Or you can comment below.

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