About Happejuice

Happejuice was founded with 3 core principles:

Everything we do is truly and solely for you, our subscriber.

We want to make sure that the box you get brings nothing short of happiness.

We do this by highlighting our Flavor and Taste profile. Our Flavor and Taste profile is unique in its thoroughness. Our human-based algorithm allows us to pick and pack each and every box to meet the satisfaction of our subscribers. Every person is unique and we cannot ever forget that. No two people will have the same exact preferences when it comes to e-liquids. So we made extra sure that our Flavor and Taste profile allowed for intricate complexity.

We bring this focus all through our service, to the e-liquids themselves. We scour the entire country and search for Premium and Artisan E-liquid Companies. We then thoroughly and extensively test and review their flavors. We get 100 flavors to test every month, and only 10 get through our rigorous on-boarding process. We want to make sure that the selection we use to provide our customers with happiness, is made up of only the best of what we can find.

The Happ-E-Juice Team:

Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel


Shiv is the passion, guts, and brains behind Happ-E-Juice. An entrepreneur since birth, Shiv fell in love with vaping while it helped him quit being a pack a day smoker.

He immediately saw the power of vaping, and a litany of holes in the marketplace: lack of availability, lack of artisanal blends, and a huge lack of convenience.

Enter Happ-E-Juice: the solution to all of these problems, and the vehicle through which your vape will forever be heightened.

Shiv works tirelessly to ensure that Happ-E-Juice is the best company of its kind through stellar customer service. When other services go ghost on you, Happ-E-Juice is here, and that’s thanks to the passion and dedication Shiv executes and passes onto everyone involved with Happ-E-Juice.

Laura Catella

Laura Catella


Laura is a world renown copywriter and marketing expert with a huge hand to mouth preoccupation. She recently stumbled into the world of vaping and quickly saw that it was truly saving lives.

Laura has a strong passion for helping people, and she leads with her heart. Laura has found a strong passion for vaping and fell in love with the entire community.

A natural leader, Laura gets shit done. Happ-E-Juice had to create a brand new job title for her; Chief of Everything Else.

Laura spearheads Happ-E-Juiceā€™s marketing campaigns, technical design, business development and growth. She works days and nights making sure that Happ-E-Juice is providing nothing but excellent value to our subscribers (or Family as she likes to refer to them as.)