Happ eJuice Vape

Step 1: Consider your flavor preferences

Your journey with Happ-E-Juice may be a long one and so you have to take into consideration a few things. In our quest the finding you your next all day vape, we study your Flavor and Taste profile religiously.

So if you want us to help you with the utmost confidence, give us your all on your flavor and taste profile. Any and all details you give us truly helps us. The things you absolutely dislike, the things that you will love but only for maybe a month, what kind of dog you have, all of it.

The best flavor profiles we get are the life stories. It really helps us truly step into your shoes and feel what you may love. We will even contact you and talk to you for a long time about your flavor preferences because we really don’t want to fail.

Step 2: Fill out your flavor and taste profile thoroughly

I know we said this in the last step. So seriously, fill it out well! The more information you can give us about your flavor profile, the better we can do as a service.

We have people list all of the fruits they like and the ones they dislike. They even had flavor combination that were passable and some flavor combinations with the same components to be a dislike.

Step 3: Get the best price…

Our price is already pretty good. $30 will get you 3 Premium bottles of E-Liquid and a service that is dedicated in finding your next All Day Vape month after month.

But that of course isn’t what we mean. If you email us or DM/Message us on social media; and let us know that you want to subscribe but you read this guide and it told you to….we will give you our best coupon at the time so you can enjoy your first month of a Happ-E-Juice subscription for much cheaper than an already cheap offer.

Step 4:  Go through the ordering process.

Correctly fill out your order information. The address, credit card, and flavor and taste profile must all align.

We will never store nor give your data to any third parties. So you won’t have to worry.

Once your order goes in. It will be shipped out to you in 48 hours. In 48 hours you will be given your tracking code which then the job is off the USPS to deliver it to your door.

Step 5:  Be Happy

Just Know that we have your back and that we are working hard to find you your All Day Vapes for the month. Our work doesn’t end there. Throughout the month, our job is to contact pemium e-liquid companies and sample their finest e-liquids.

Only the best ones make it. We have an option on our taste test form that asks if the juice is:

Deff No



Fuck Yes!!!

Only the juices that are majority “Fuck Yes!!!” are allowed into our lineup. We take pride in our decisions to let an e-juice flavor into our monthly lineup…If they can wow us, we are sure they can wow you too.