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Happe Vaping in 3 Simple Steps:


Step 1: Your Flavor & Taste

Fill out your personal Flavor and Taste profile by answering all of the questions with as many details as possible. The more we know about your flavor and taste preferences, the better we can curate a unique and personal Happejuice box for you, every month.


Step 2: We Pack Your Happejuice Box

We will analyze your Flavor and Taste profile to make sure we get your Happejuice box just right. We have over 50 flavors in our lineup from over 20 premium brands that we choose from to deliver your Vaping Happiness, each and every month.


Step 3: You Vape Happ-E-ly

Sit back and relax as our Happ-E-Juice team curates your box to your personal vaping happiness. With our growing selection of premium e-juices you will never get bored and we will find your next All Day Vape for you. All you have to do is smile. 

We Work With The Best Premium Brands:

These are just a few of the many companies we work with. We currently have over 45 flavors and plan to add 10 new ones each month


The Entire Universe of Premium E-liquids at Your Fingertips:

With Happejuice, you won’t be limited to what’s available in your general area. All retail vape shops are limited on what juices they can carry because having a retail location can be costly. They carry the e-liquids that they know will sell and keep selling those flavors.

The truth is, there are thousands of e-juice companies and over tens of thousands of flavors and your local vape shop simply can’t reach them all. We bypass all of this by constantly testing and reviewing premium brands and only selecting the ‘cream of the crop’ for you. We are not limited to our general area and we scour the entire country for the best premium e-liquids.

Artisan E-Juice For Your Best Ever Vaping Experience:

Happejuice uses science to individually select artisan made e-liquid for vapers who refuse to compromise on quality. This is amazing for you because you are guaranteed a premium quality vaping experience for the lowest price possible. All of the premium and artisan e-liquids that we carry are made with state of the art, lab tested ingredients that you won’t find in sub-par house made e-juices. These premium brands have perfected flavor recipes that will blow you and your friends away.

Convenience of Getting It At Your Door:

There is nothing better than coming home to a package at your doorstep, especially when it’s from Happejuice. You will experience the best of what vaping has to offer, without stepping a foot outside of your home. You will even save money when you order through us because of our unique relationships with our Premium Brands. There is nothing better than getting artisan e-liquids that you’ll love, at a discount, and delivered to your door.

Happejuice Membership, A Steal:

With the average vaper spending ~ $69/month, we’re able to offer you huge savings, with our signature TripleHappejuice (3 premium juices at your door monthly) for only $30.

BUT — when you sign up for Happejuice right now, you’ll save $10 on your first box, which means you’ll get a selection of three premium E-juices, custom picked to match your personal Flavor & Taste profile, for just $20.

The $10 discount is only available for a limited time, so to score some of the most delicious juices of your life for a steal, make sure you click the button below right now.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Grab your first Happejuice box right now for $10 off right now.

If you’re not completely thrilled with your juices, just ship them back for an immediate, full refund.

It’s on Happejuice to give Juices you love at a great price, with maximum convenience. If your experience is anything other than that, we insist on returning your every penny.

So satisfy your curiosity, and get your first Happejuice box right now with confidence and peace of mind.


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